Company Profile

The original company was founded as Activating Better Choices Ltd in October 2001. In 2011, the company name was changed to Offshore Resilience Ltd. We are based in the North East of Scotland at the Thainstone Business Centre, just north of Aberdeen.

Offshore ResilienceThe company was formed to supply quality Stress Awareness and Stress Management services, by recognized and fully qualified trainers, not only in the Northeast of Scotland, but also throughout the UK. We have become closely associated with the HSE Management Standards Training, which was introduced in November 2004, indeed we have one of the very few trainers in Scotland approved by the HSE to carry out such training. We also have close links with the International Stress Management Association and maintain our position at the forefront of Stress Awareness and Stress Management training.

Since inception, we have devolved into Psychological and Performance Coaching, as well as into Work/Life Balance training and workshops. We also provide Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy and have worked with several of the major EAP companies. Whereas we have been offering all our services both onshore and offshore for over ten years now, we do not specialise only in the Oil and Gas industry.

We specialise in offering a service that is specifically tailored to the requirements of an individual company and which could easily be incorporated into that company’s current training and ethos, which could, in turn, equally be biased anywhere from top management through to the general workforce.

Although we occasionally advertise both nationally and locally, a steady increase in our customer data base has been achieved through word of mouth. Already working in association with many of the leading oil and gas companies, our services have extended throughout the UK. We have also provided training, coaching and psychotherapy throughout the UK offshore sectors. Our trainers carry full liability insurance for both onshore and offshore, as well as being current in Sea Survival requirements for offshore working.

Our target market is not only the oil industry, but also other organisations operating onshore, which include training and teaching institutions as well as the National Health Service and business in general; in fact, any organisation that would benefit from Stress Awareness and a better understanding of how to achieve a healthy Work/Life Balance, thus increasing staff performance, reducing staff turnover, staff sickness absence and negativity - thus increasing productivity.

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